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The Wye and Brook India Trust was founded in 1978 to support the education of  children of under-privileged families in Delhi, ‘helping the poorest of the poor’.

We help pay for the education of children whose parents would not otherwise be able to afford it. The schools in Delhi are run by the Christian Foundation of the Delhi Brotherhood Society. Our donors are empowering and transforming the lives of some of India’s poorest children without regard to their religious affiliation.

Last year, 2021, we sent £40,000 to Delhi. This was more than expected because of a legacy of £10,000. The schooling is recovering now from the devastating effects of the pandemic…

‘Even the luckier of our pupils, those with parents and a roof over their heads, would probably be starting full-time work by the age of eight or nine, in workshops, factories and tea stalls. Education here will make the ultimate difference to their lives.’

Mrs. Rajni Sharma, Head Teacher, High School, C Block, Shahid Nagar.

Our current donors include churches, schools, and youth groups, as well as many individuals. Some donations are a one-off gift, and some are legacies, but most are made on a regular monthly or annual basis by bank standing orders. We supply standing order forms for those who wish to use them: go to the ‘Please Help‘ page.

We have received substantial gifts when supporters have invited friends to contribute to the work of the Brotherhood in lieu of birthday and anniversary presents. We are also very grateful for those who remember the charity in their will: for more information, go to How to leave a gift to the Wye and Brook India Trust

Our administrative costs are about 3% of our income. The only significant expense is the Independent Examination of our accounts to meet the requirements of UK charity law. The Trust has no paid staff. You can find our financial report at: https://register-of-charities.charitycommission.gov.uk/, using the charity number 288217.

Delhi - India

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