Beautiful Coffee Table book

An idea for Christmas presents which also support the education of children in the slum areas of Delhi.

“Garden Life Explored” is the latest coffee table book by Wye residents, Geoff and Shelia Chapman.  It is available for £20 plus P&P and all proceeds are being donated to the Wye and Brook India Trust.

The book has about 75 pages of beautiful images with poetry and literary references

During lockdown Geoff and Sheila were enjoying their garden as a place of knowledge. They produced a book called ‘World in a Small Garden’.

Garden Life Explored‘ is a follow-on book. ‘Other books focus on garden appearance but we wanted to introduce the concept of a garden as a community and the interrelationships between insects and plants‘. Gardens can be seen as theatres where the audience is involved in the performance.

Darwin used his garden as a laboratory and his children as his assistants. It would be wonderful for families to do similarly, to see their garden as a place to explore life and to develop a sense of wonder about it all‘.

If you would like to purchase a book (or books!),

please email

providing your postal address.

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